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The Center for Leadership & Social Change

Welcome to the Center for Leadership & Social Change!

The Center's mission, to transform lives through leadership education, identity development and community engagement, is a thread that is woven throughout our work. We encourage students to learn, serve and transform through programming that encompasses diversity, leadership and service.


The Center provides education and learning programs for students of all levels along with professional development opportunities for faculty, staff and community members. Some of these classes, seminars, retreats, and hands-on learning experiences include Service Learning, Leadership LOGIC, and Social Justice Ally Training.


The Center serves as an outlet to engage in community action through initiatives such as CommUNITY Dialogue Series, Community Outreach Programs, and Partnered Student Organizations. With more than 40 programs, the Center provides opportunities for any schedule, ranging from low commitment (one to a few hours) to high commitment (a semester, year, or four year), there is something for everyone!
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Moellership Scholars blog about their summer experiences
This summer, the 2015 cohort of Moellership scholars will be blogging about their experiences while serving across the globe. Read all about it on the Moellership blog!


Florida State University honors cultures of graduating students with A-rak-ke-ce-tv
Florida State University students were presented with a special graduation stole and praised for their hard work May 1 during the “Rite of A-rak-ke-ce-tv,” a cultural graduation ceremony. Pronounced “ah-thak-key-sha-tev,” the ceremony takes its name from the Seminole Creek word that means “to honor.” 
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